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Elite Security Group overs the ability to keep track of all activities happening on your premises through GPS monitoring, this service gives you full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions), employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifi¬cations, alerts and alarms, memos, notes and more, all in real time After you sign up for Guard we create a portal for our client and provide them with all the necessary training to understand how to use this service.

Local Protection Services

We tailor make a package to your company’s requirements which could include Asset protection, premiseprotection, 24

hour protection of office premises, evacuations, staff protection, secured transport of all sorts and secured delivery of assets. Protection

of family homes may also be considered. 

Foreign Protection Services

We ensure that all staff travelling the globe are safe. We have partners that are connected to us in all countries where you may need secured

transport, airport handling , evacuations or protection in hotels, outside meetings and gatherings or alternatively you may prefer the accompaniment of

someone travellingwith you. Feel free to discuss your company’s needs with us.

Safe Transfers

Dia Intelligence security Protection will at all times be there to ensure you reach your destination safely and timeously world wide.

All cars are monitored closely by Dia Intelligence security to ensure your protection and comfort.

On arrival at any airport Dia Intelligence security or their agent will bewaiting to meet you at the arrival hall. You will be transferred to the address of your choosing effortlessly. All drivers are highly skilled protection officers.

Private Services

In various times of our lives we need to have protection when attending certain
functions or gatherings. We also offer secured transport 24 hours a day and
any transfers that are required. Lodgings and other premises form part of our