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A close protection company that combines the customer requirements
into the environment seamlessly, effortlessly and safely.
We provide solutions to the following:

- Close protection
- Static protection
- Private investigations
- Surveillance and counter surveillance
- Monitoring and tracking
- Training
- Security Consulting
- Chauffer drives


To be the leading supplier of protection services in Africa.

CORE OBJECTIVE Evaluate – assessing risk profiles and the unpacking of risk management  upront. 

Liberal – Breakthrough from traditional approaches to security service,

leadership innovation package.

Integrity – The ability to ensure that data is an accurate and unchanged

representation of the original secure information.

One type of security attack is to intercept some important data and make

changes to it before sending it on to the intended receiver.

Timorous and trustworthy - we embody reliability, integrity, worthy

of trust and principled in our execution and stakeholder engagement.

Efficacy - we have the power and capacity to produce a desire on our

service offerings.