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DIA Intelligence security Protection Solutions was launched on
24/08/2010. The company provides bodyguard solutions to individuals
and corporations and prides itself on being 100% black owned and managed. Dia Intelligence security has emerged as one of the  leading companies in the provision of close protection solutions. Our objective is to become the supplier of choice in the industry.


You may wish to use our services at night for late meetings or gatherings. Be assured you and your family or collegues will be safe at all times.
There may be times where the environment is tending towards hostile and Dia Intelligence security will chose to have an additional protection agent with you on your journey.

The company has a very strong corporate culture

and has successfully outperformed its peer  companies in

all areas. The most important goal in life is to keep our nearest 

and dearest safe within their environment.  At Dia Intelligence security we offer various services to provide our clients with absolute confidence in our services.We offer innovative protections services – temporary or  permanent – in all areas.Established in 2010 Dia Intelligence security has developed as the leading company in the provision of close protection solutions.

Established in 2010 Dia Intelligence security has

developed as the leading company in the provision of close

protection solutions. Our objective is to ensure safety across

the globe for all our customers.Dia Intelligence security, a proudly South African company has very strong corporate culture and strives to be an organization of choice, Its continued innovation and dedication has shown continued growth in the industry.Dia Intelligence security offers temporary and permanent contracts globally.


Elite Security Group overs the ability to keep track of all activities happening on your premises through

GPS monitoring, this service gives you full visual on sites (complete with maps, photos, and instructions),

employees, guard tours, tasks, info boards, email notifi¬cations, alerts and alarms, memos, notes

and more, all in real time After you sign up for Guard we create a portal for our client and provide them

with all the necessary training to understand how to use this service.

Our software does not require  neither special technical knowledge or any additional hardware and software.

Dia Intelligence security innovative and highly skilled staff has provided protection to executives of national and multi-national 

corporations, discreet and select protection of dignitaries, royalties, local and international.


Breakthrough from traditional approaches to security service, leadership innovation package.


The ability to ensure that data is an accurate and unchanged representation of the original secure information.


we have the power and capacity to produce a desire on our service offerings.

DIA Intelligence Security 

- A 100% Black Owned Company  - A Proudly South African company - A fully compliant security service provider under - The Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority